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About Trees and Shrubs


Because lawns quickly regenerate new growth and trees don’t, important differences exist in the logic or justification of treatments:

Most problems curable Some problems treatable Most conditions are untreatable
Safer/granular solutions Sprays usually needed Spray drift can be problematic
Mostly fast results Slower results Results usually occur very slowly
Improvements obvious Generally not noticed
by the casual observer
Generally not noticed
by the casual observer
Low cost Moderate cost High cost

Complicating the task for shrubs and trees is the knowledge factor. Whereas CT lawns generally have eight common grass types, maybe four important insects, and about seven notable diseases… every one of our trees and shrubs can have a unique pest threat!

At Natural Choice, our arborists and Ornamental Tree/Shrub experts bring a grat deal of experience and knowledge to bear on these issues. We focus on the hosts and pests for which the control options are cost-effective, such as:

  • Hemlocks / adelgid / scale / mites;
  • Birches / systemic insect control;
  • Crabapples / diseases;
  • Lacebugs;
  • Ornamental Fruit trees / scales;
  • Valuable landscape plantings / shrubs.


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