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Why Seedings Fail


Nothing, that a landscaper or homeowner or contractor does, has a higher failure rate than seeding!


  • It’s not the seed! . . . which is the first thing to be blamed.
  • It’s not the soil! . . . often blamed after the second attempt.
  • It's not the “downpour” that always happens after the seeding, the (hydroseed) contractor’s favorite excuse (but isn’t the seeded area ALWAYS kept outside?).

The real reason is: The method of seeding doomed it.

Natural Choice does it the “hard” way, no short-cut’s, no excuses. We do our jobs with real seeding equipment, using the same principles of soil-to-seed contact that farmers have relied on for hundreds of years. We have our own little fleet of seeding equipment, and a history of successes that is unmatched by anyone. (View Our 2015 Seeding Results)

Find out which grass seed types will work best for your property.

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