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Why Crabgrass

Crab Grass

The 3 requirements for crabgrass germination are:

  1. Soil moisture,
  2. Soil temperature sustained above 55 degrees,
  3. Direct sunlight.

Since “a” and “b” are inevitable, crabgrass pressure can only be managed by reducing the direct sunlight: 

  1. Growing a thick lawn,
  2. High mowing,
  3. Restraint from whacking/scalping the edges,
  4. Shade (trees).

Since lawns are neither perfectly thick nor perfectly mowed, there is often a reliance on crabgrass control products to suppress most of the crabgrass that would normally germinate by mid-spring.

NATURAL CHOICE reduces customers’ crabgrass by:

  1. Product application that is effective, non-staining and timely (not too early!);
  2. Successful seeding; (View Our 2015 Seeding Results)
  3. Persuading customers and mowers to mow higher.

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