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Why Moles


Contributing Factors to Mole Activity Are:

  1. Proximity to dens
  2. Proximity to woods
  3. Food supply (especially earthworms)
  4. Moderate weather (adequate rainfall)
  5. A lack of egress to escape, e.g. perimeter/physical barriers.

Since “a”, “b”, “d” and “e” are generally beyond control, and since earthworm reduction is environmentally unsound, control efforts have generally focused on grubs (another food source). Grub control is not a complete answer, but more directed efforts against moles are only inconsistently successful.

Ask us about our mole control options, including a humane method of organic repellent, which many customers have found helpful.


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Moles Cat

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Moles Dog
Dachshund is the only breed of dog that hunts both above and below the ground.

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