1. Don’t invest in sod unless the area to be done is SUNNY (and irrigated). We can figure this out for you.
  2. Beetle pheromone traps (Bag-A-Bug’s) actually result in more insect activity on your property, not less.
  3. DON’T LET A LANDSCAPER REMOVE SOIL from your property in order to grow a good lawn. That's like having someone strip off your skin to give you a shot! - much better to let a qualified professional use a needle, whether it’s your skin or your soil (using proper slit-seeding equipment) . We grow grass just fine in our Connecticut soils without charging thousands of dollars to replace “bad” soil.
  4. Milky Spore is not a practical option for cost-effective grub control in Connecticut
  5. Don't buy “miracle” seed. THERE IS NO SUCH THING.
  6. Don't buy hydro-seeding without a guarantee. Most lawns still need to be seeded after a hydro-seed!
  7. Don't buy any weed control product with the active ingredient “2,4-D” or “2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid” - it's essentially Agent Orange. Amazingly, most weed-and-feeds are exactly that.
  8. Don't buy a seed mix with ANNUAL ryegrass in it; but perennial ryegrass is usually a good ingredient.
  9. Don't buy service from a telemarketer, instead listen to a state-certified lawn expert.
  10. Unless it’s a hedge, don't let someone prune valuable ornamentals with hedging equipment! – improper pruning is the most common form of unnatural damage to landscaping that occurs on properties.