A cornerstone of chemical lawn care marketing is the claim that service personnel are "Licensed" or "Certified" in lawn care.

As you can see below, they are neither!

Operational Certificate
(Pesticide Handler License)
VS Turf/Ornamental
(Supervisory) License
Written Exam
Number of questions about
grass, grubs weeds, diseases
or fertilizers

Zero 50-100

Visual Pest ID

Zero Yes
Oral Examination
With CT DEEP Board

NO Yes
Pass Rate
~100% ~30%
Professional Recertification

No Yes
This is the license doing nearly 100% of the "BigLawn" work This is the license doing the work for Natural Choice Lawn & Tree Care, LLC customers

Here's is the trick to finding out if your service-person really has a lawn care license: If the license begins with an "O" and/or has 5 numbers, it's the general pesticide certificate, not a Lawn license. But it begins with an "S" and/or has 4 numbers, it's a lawn (or tree) professional.